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  • Welcome    To    My    HumbleHome

    Hello All,

    Please accept a truckload of Thanx for having visited my HumbleHome. As you would have already realised, my HumbleHome is usually under construction. In any case, please have a look at my current offerings. I welcome all kinds of suggestions, ideas, etc... to improve my HumbleHome. There will be surprise gifts for the Genuine cool ones.

    HumbleHome will eventually have information about myself, my family, my friends, and also about few other interesting things. I am gathering useful information for people who are interested in knowing about india and also for those ambitious fellow indians who want to make it big here in the dreamland.

    Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu A.k.a Enjoy life Folks
    For Peace, Luv and Happiness

    Love is the answer to the final question you ask - Unknown

    In a Glance

    I am totally new to the web/html stuff and that is the reason most of the things are a bit clumsy. I am trying my best to put the right things in the right place. I have provided a lot of links for you and I need to tell you a few things about'em!. I have browsed through a lot of places and I have selected some links which I feel have a lot of useful information and great mind stimulating stuff. Feel free to send me a mail about anything that you feel leaves a bad taste and I shall review them.

    I have information on Mysore because, I feel it is the best place in the world to relaxe and that's where I have spent four great years of my life doing my Engineering and Mysore is the place, my parents have decided to settle. I am Konakni speaking, was born and brought up Mangalore and I am so happy to be a mangaloren. Hence, I have put up a few things about Mangalore (Kudla) and about Konkani speaking mangaloreans (Aamchigele!)

    I am proud to be a INDIAN and my religion which has taught me to be a sensible human being. I have a lot of interesting information about India and Hinduism in this section.

    I can't imagine my existance as a human being without Music. Music has made me a better human being. I am happy to be a Hard-core Music-Addict! Naturally I have a page about My Music Interests which has some intersting stuff about some of the greatest magicians who played around with, psyched and inspired billions of minds with ease.

    Last but not the least, I have dedicated one page on My Friends. They are the best god could offer and I am really happy to have some great friends. My Friends page is just about them and its kinda thanks-giving for making my life so wonderful!

    So Folks, I hope you will enjoy every moment of your stay in HumbleHome. Pleaase book mark HumbleHome, and visit again. Please spend an extra minute to sign HumbleHome's guest book. Please be advised that HumbleHome has its door open for any kind of constructive criticism. Thank you for your valuable time spent in HumbleHome.

    Take care

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