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HumbleHome started off as just my way of learning about html, java and in fact, all about internet. As I started developing it...
I was browsing through thousands of pages in just about all kinds of web sites for getting ideas. You may see it as arrogance but my conclusion was.. well... if I devote some time on this I can do a much better job than most of the stuff out there!! I know that it's gonna take helluva effort and lot of patience (You just can't get it right in one shot.. can you?)  And... Hang on... I need every kind of help, feedback, and ideas from all of you. The very idea of HumbleHome's  existence is YOU!  I know very well that most of us have so many ideas in their mind but they just don't materialize... call it laziness.. lack of initiative or any other fancy name you want! HumbleHome wants to tap all such ideas using the net as a channel. Let HumbleHome be the playground where all our creativity, ideas will flow no matter  how small or how big they are.

I am looking for information in the following themes:

1. Religions, their origins, different schools of thought, various interpretations. One day, we should have our age old scriptures online with their proper interpretations. If you have found some good links... please lemme know and I shall immediately add'em in HumbleHome's appropriate section. Please be advised that this is not just limited to India or Hinduism.
2. HumbleHome's Travel Section. I would like to begin this with India (Southern India to be very precise!) as we need lot of info as well as time to gather reliable information. Most of us belong to different places in south india and we can all project our towns, cities and tourist spots. If we could all spend some time, we can put together a great page which would give reliable information for anyone who's interested in visiting or just interested in knowing about these places. If you could send me a photo or two, a few lines of write-up and few contact addresses/telephone numbers/email (if any) it will be just great!  If you visited a place and you feel that others should also know about it and probably visit.. please go ahead and let us know. We will be too happy to publish that.
3. Most of us, who studied in India did it almost at no expense (just think of our fees in engineering colleges... a few thousand Rupees ... equiavament of a few hundred dollars). Today, some of us are in a much better position and I strongly feel that we should be thankful to our society. There should be some way we can repay them... not necessarily by monitory means. If you know of any association, NGO, charity trust, person or any such entity who are silently doing a great job back in india serving the indian mass... please let us know.. HumbleHome will publish a page dedicated to them with all the details. Please make sure that these entities are real, and give us as much information as possible and HumbleHome will be thankful to you for ever. Don't you think this is the least we can do ?

4. HumbleHome needs people who want to express their concerns, knowledge, ideas, deeds, technology. We would appreciate if you are someone who can write a page or two. We welcome budding, aspiring columnists! Please make sure that you will not cross the limits (of course, HumbleHome promises to be quite liberal!!) Whether you want to tell us about the latest Mangolian cuisine or intricacies of the latest engine technology or why do you think Lalloo Prasad Yadav is a great leader of the masses (or otherwise), what's wrong with Microsoft/Sun or whoever..., rise and fall of the baseball team of Macau....  basically anything that will make atleast a few percentage of the HumbleHome visitor's visit more interesting! At this point of time, we would not be able to remunerate any columnist other than probably publshing a photograph!!