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Career and Immigration Corner

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  • HeadHunter (My favorite)
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  • The Index is a search engine for web sites with over 3 million web sites in its database. Find the link to any company in a matter of seconds. Career Index

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    I am one of those hundreds of thousands of indians who live and work/study outside india. When I first landed in the Unted States... I didn't have much idea about visas, immigration laws, attornies, job prospects and a few other intricacies (may be most of us felt the same way). I wouldn't want the rest to undergo the same ritual. I have learnt a few things which I would love to share with everyone.

  • Immigrants Support Network ISN is a non-profit 501-(C)-4 type organization formed by and for immigrants involved in acquiring permanent residency in USA through employment. 
  • Law Offices of Carl Shusterman - Everything you wanna know about American law, H1s, Immigration etc.
  • American Immigration Lawyer's Association (Web Link Section of this site is really good)
  • American Immigration Center (They even sell do-it-yourself immigration kits!!)
  • The Electronic Embassy
  • Free INS and Immigration Forms
  • For more... click here and decide whare you wanna go !! - Thanx to altavista
  • Immigration Public Policy Center (IPPC), at the Independence Institute. The IPPC pursues aggressive research and publishes studies through Issue Papers, which examine and address immigration and related issues. In addition, the IPPC acts as a spokes center for immigration public policy issues through special forums and symposia to foster and focus immigration debate within the region. As a premier resource within the state for information on immigration and its impact on Colorado, the center is available to assist elected officeholders, the media, citizens, and citizen groups. Read on .....  

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