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Well... I was born and brought up in a village (its a small town now!!) in the West coast of southern India, in the state of Karnataka. Surrounded by western ghats with evergreen forests, rainy season that lasted for almost 5 months... it was really wonderful though!

This village called Ujire is around 60Kms from the city of Mangalore. I also had the previlege of being brought up in a joint family. I dunno how many of us really know what it means to be in a joint family! As far as I am concerned, being brought up amidst a dozen cousins was the best thing that could happen to me!!

My father was a small time agriculturist (though he had a MSc in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Puna!!!) or something like that. He is/was pretty good in Politics, Cricket (played 5-6 matches for Maharashtra Ranji team!), smoking. He is my best friend as I always look to him when I have any kind of problem whether its problem with girlfriends!, some college politics, or if i need to know something about our relegion or history ... and amzingly he has a solution for almost everything!! There are days when we used to drink together (He is a RUM man and I luv Beer)and smoked loads of cigerettes and got big-time pep-talk from mom! I wish there was a way you could really thank one's parents for all that they do! Thank you mom and dad.. I luv you.

I did my 12 yrs of school in the village at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara High School. I will shortly be putting some info about this. If there is someone who has any kind of info, photos... please Send it to HumbleHome and I would greatly appreciate that.

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