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For at least 4000 years, India’s social and religious structures have withstood invasions, famines, religious persecutions, political upheavals and many other cataclysms. Few other countries could claim to have a national identity with such a long history behind it. To describe India as a land of contrasts is to state the obvious. Although there are many countries, which would qualify for such a description in terms of their different ethnic groups, languages, religions, geography and traditions, few can match the vast scale and diversity to be found in India.

Change is inevitably taking place as modern technology reaches further and further into the fabric of society, yet essentially village India remains much the same as it has for thousands of years. So resilient are its social and religious institutions and, at the same time, so static, that it has either absorbed or thrown off all attempts to radically change or destroy them. Even in the fast-paced modern cities like Delhi, Mumbai (Formerly known as Bombay) and Bangalore, what appears to be a complete change of attitude and lifestyle is only surface gloss. Underneath, the age-old verities, loyalties and obligations still rule people’s lives. ....Read On :

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