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Welcome to  HumbleHome's  mind stimulating section! You are advised to browse through the following only if you have enough time and you want to get into something serious enuff! You will see quite a few interesting things on scientific, spiritual and quite a few other issues/topics. I have listed a few sites that really generated a lot of enthu in me to read/learn more. Please let me know if you know of some sites which you would like others to visit too.

Sites you might wanna visit

  • Crystal Link's Metaphysical and Science Page  
  • Karinya for body, mind and spirit  
  • The Exploratorium  
  • Heard of Color Therapy ?  
  • Enchanted Mind 
  • Multifaith net (A great site by University of Derby) 
  • Science of mind 
  • World ministry of prayers 
  • Spirit Online 
  • Literary works of Sanderson Beck (One of the best sites) 
  • Relegion and Society (A German Site in English) 
  • Hinduism - Truth, simplicity and Love - Babji of Haidakhan  
  • Attitude and Success 
  • WWW Success Links 
  • If You are interested in History, This is the place for you..  World History Archives 
  • Often Wonder "How " ? Try this 
  • How to do.. just about anything 
  • Dear Visitor,  

    Have you ever wondered how active most of the homo sapiens are?. We work, we find time to watch a movie, to meet friends and relatives, listen to music, go for a drive, visit a place during holidays, goto temples/mosques/churches and other holyplaces, some do cycling, trkking, camping, some just sit at home and relaxe, go to a restaurent/pub/bar/discotheque and enjoy the evening, watch a game in the stadiums, follow sports, watch TV, listen to Radio, spend hours in a trafic jam, some just surf the net all the time, some go for drugs, some of us are buried in the world of crime and few of them spend some/all of their life in jail, some write stories and poems, some of us fly, some goto the outer place, a few work on sharpening the already lethal weapon systems, the less fortunate ones toil all of their life, some beg, some just waste in the pretext of flaunting, some spend millions in casino and some die of hunger... and the list is endless.. But whay do we do all this? what is that drives us? I have heard very few answers...   Honestly I do not know the answer. I do not  the reason for my existance nor do I know the significance of it. That drives me to do well to reach the limits that I have set myself. I have tried to read books, listen to people, talk to myself, but I haven't found a satisfying answer as yet. So what... try to enjoy the life as it is and find an answer along the way! Probably you might find this crazy... Just try looking at the clear night sky for a while.... forget all ur worries and just concentrate... and monitor urself!! U will feel totally insignifant. Or try this if u get a chance ... stand on top of a hill or a mountain peak and watch everything arround you for a while... U will know it.  

    Talking of Success, it  is something everyone looks for and that's why it is extremely dangerous. I am not against Pursuing success , that is what motivates most us to do well. But the problem is with the definition of success. Today, the success is measured by comparison which is absolutely wrong. Success is totally relative and this is something we all should understand.  

    The point is... we need to know ourselves to enjoy the life to the fullest. If we can accept/appreciate the realities, not to try too hard, respect every other soul, control our ego,  JUST BE HUMAN... HumbleHome is that dream.. I dunno what is that I want but I know I need something beyond what I already have.. and I am sure I will find it!  and so willeverybody (or atleast most of us). 

    ..... to be continued! 


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    This Page was last updated on 28th October, 1999