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zä°r‡®± N®w®ÝmS®‹Sµ œ®º…Œ¬-œµ²º y®Š®î¯T w®î®±š¯ÊŠ® î®±q®±Ù š®±š¯æS®q®,

w¯w®± œ®±iÔu®±Û u®¤o-N®w®Ýl® dŒµå‡®± EdŠµ‡®±Œ¯åu®Š®², w®w®Ý q¯0räN® þ£®o BTu®±Û îµ±¶š®²‹w®ªå. îµ±¶š®²‹w® Hw¬.J.C N¯Œµ°c±, Aªå‡®± X®œ®u® A0S®m, Aªå‡µ± y®N®Êu® ›S®Šµ°iw® A0S®m, š®Š®š®æry®¼Š®ºw® N®gµÔ œ®±l®±S®Š®±, î®±œ¯Š¯c N¯Œµ°dw® AoØ0vŠ®±, X¯î®±±0m „µhÔ (S¯m‡®±ªå yµgµ²ä°©± Cu®ÛŠµ, î®±w®›éSµ qµ²°Yu¯Sµ©å „µhÔNµÊ œµ²°TvÛuµ!! š®±î®¾¯Š®± „¯‹ îµ±iÔ©± œ®rÙu®²Û Cuµ (Au®² î®±u®㊯rä!!)), „µ0S®¡®²Š®± Š®šµÙ‡®± u¯„¯S®¡®± (Aªå ¯mu® N®î®±ÁN¯0l®S®¡®±!), CŒµåŒ¯å „µ°b¯Š¯u®Šµ …©±â‹ As®î¯ N®³Ç®ÝŠ¯cš¯S®Š® (‡®¾¯wµ Nµ.BŠ¬.Hš¬!!) - CǵԌ¯å wµwµy®¼ ¯mu®Šµ Auµ° d°î®w® Hǵ²Ô° Xµw®ÝTq®±Ù Axݚ®±q®Ùuµ (Bu®Šµ u¯š®Š®± œµ°¢u® œ¯Sµ "HŒ¯åŠ®² ¯l®±î®¼u®± œµ²gµÔS¯T, Sµ°o±…gµÔS¯T (Aîµ±‹N®w®Ýl®u®ªå l¯©Š¬S¯T, Tä°w¬ N¯mÁS¯T!)

w¯w®± îµ±¶š®²‹Sµ 1991 BS®š¬Ôw®ªå …0uµ. 1995 ANµ²Ô°…Š¬w®ªå Lu®± î®±±T› îµ±¶Nµ²°u®ªå Nµ©š®NµÊ šµ°‹u® îµ±°©² r0S®¡µŠ®l®± „¯‹ îµ±¶š®²‹w® „µ°i‡®¾¯T©åîµ0u®Šµ Iwµ² N®¡µu®±Nµ²0l® œ¯Sµ BS®±q¯Ù Cq®±Ù! DS® Aîµ±°‹N¯Sµ …0u® îµ±°Œµ Bu®NµÊ©å Aî®N¯ý®î®½ CŒ¯å.. …œ®±ý®» îµ²u®ªw® œ¯Sµ Bš®Oه®±² C©å! Auµ°.. îµ²uµå° œµ°¢u® œ¯Sµ H©åŠ®± ¯l®±î®¼u®±...!

w¯w®± œ®¢ë‡®±ªå LvŠ®±î®¼u®‹0u® w®w®Ýu®± N®w®Ýl® ¯u®ãî®±. EdŠµ‡®± §°. u®Áš®Ú¡® î®±0c±w¯sµ°ý®æŠ® y¯äs®ï±N® ý¯Œµ î®±q®±ê Auµ° œµš®‹w® N¯Œµ°b¬w®ªå w®w®Ý œ®wµÝŠ®l®wµ‡®± q®Š®S®r‡®±î®ŠµSµ î¯ãš®0S® (šµNµ0l¬ z.‡®±±.›).

w¯w®± D y®¼hu®ªå l¯Š¯N®± (Auµ°.. w®î®±â zä°r‡®± An¯ØÈä!) î®±q®±Ù w®w®Ý îµ±YÏw® "gµ¶º-y¯š¬" w¯‡®±N® "Š®›N®" cSµÌ°ý¬ A® …SµÌ …Šµ‡®±ªOÊuµ. Cªå N®w®Ýl®u® …SµÌ ª0N¬S®¡®w®²Ý œ¯N®ªuµÛ°wµ.

u®‡®±ïh±Ô î®±qµ²Ù⠄µ°i Nµ²m.

ýµ°Ç®T‹ îµ²œ®w¬ ýµnµ¶

Where do You want to Go, NOW ?

 DaRaKu, Annavru (Dr. Rajkumar)
 Mysooru aka Mysore
 Kannada - One of the well known languages of India
 Jaggesh.. The man who can make you laugh anytime(If you want!!)


Every Kannadiga (Anyone from Karnataka) worth his salt knows Annavru (Dr.Rajkumar).
He is the most popular, most versatile, amazing actor, singer kannada has ever seen
and most probably it will ever see. His movies/songs are immortal independent of
generations to come.

Naturally, Kannadigas have dedicated quite a few sites on him. I have listed a few links
here. Please lemme know if you know more links and HumbleHome shall be thankful to you.

 Dr. Rajkumar, Living Legend
 Annvra Kelavu Haadugalu (A few of the great songs by Dr. Raj)


 My favorite Site - Mysore Online!
 Hotels, Resorts and other Tourist Info

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Hotels in Mysore
HumbleHome has listed a few links where you can get information about various Hotels in mysore. Please be advised
that HumbleHome takes no responsibility as far as the veracity of those claims/advertisements/info in these sites. In any case,
if anybody who wants to visitMysore or surrounding tourist spots and needs to know any information about anything..
please mail us and we will be too happy to provide you with all the local information. Hotel Details
Mysore Online - Goto the Hotel Section. They have lots of Data including telephone numbers, email address! (Right now.. they hardly have any info.. but hopefully it will be improved) - Hotels and Restaurents details

 Goto Mysore

 Vishwa Kannada - Kannada's First Internet Magazine

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This kannada page exists thanx only to Sheshadivasu Chandrashekharan. Please visit him at Baraha